Friday, January 6, 2017

Nanee's Review of Edward Kendrick's Making the Rent the Hard Way


I was hired to find a missing shifter by the name of Luca Montana. Mr Farnham, the shifter who hired me, says Luca's his friend and he's worried about him. He had reason to be worried. Luca's not his friend, and he's found out something that could ruin my client's plans to have shifters take over the city.

Finding Luca wasn't all that hard. Saving him--and the city--from Farnham's machinations could turn out to be deadly. Then there's the problem of Luca himself and my growing attraction to him.

Yeah, making the rent definitely has its ups and downs.

Nanee's Review:

I love how Edward writes all different sorts of stories. Paranormal, sweet and sexy, mysterious and intriguing. The one thing they all have in common is great characters! In this story Cade is a private investigator hired to find a missing wolf shifter by the name of Luca Montana, only Luca isn't missing... he's in hiding. Luca is hiding from Mr. Farnham who claims he is Luca's friend but instead is after Luca. He thinks Luca overheard some information that could hurt his business and his plan to take over the city. I loved the intrigue and the mystery but what I loved most is how Cade and Luca worked together to take down Farnham and his cronies. Luca has many friends in the shifter community and getting them together in this fight was easy but the fight itself was not. Loved Rocky and Foxy! lol. and of course my favorite was Luca...he is sexy and so damn! Cade and Luca learn a lot about each other in this action packed, fast paced story. It was a page turner from page one to the end. Loved it! 5 stars

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