Friday, December 23, 2016

Nanee's Review of A Deadly Homecoming by Edward Kendrick


When Spence Harden and Jeff, his writing partner and sometime lover, move into the house once owned by Spence's murdered parents, they have no idea what awaits them. First, they discover someone is stealing items from them, but have no clue who, or why. And then the unthinkable happens. Jeff is killed and Spence is framed for his murder.

Crime reporter Gregg Rowe wants to help Spence clear his name. All Spence needs to do is decide if he believes Gregg, or if the man himself is the killer. Once Gregg convinces Spence he's telling the truth, the pair set out to discover if there is a connection between Jeff's murder and that of Spence's parents ten years earlier ... while fighting their growing attraction to each other.

Nanee's Review:

Edward Kendrick sure has a grasp on writing amazing who-done-it's. I love the intrigue and mystery in his stories. This one takes you on a wild ride of who knows what and what the heck is going to happen next.

Spence Harden is famous writer with his writing partner, Jeff, they are just beginning their newest story, when Spence's childhood home goes up for sale. Spence has the wild idea of going back to where he grew up. He loved the small town life, the only draw back, it's where his parents were killed 10 years ago. Spence talks Jeff into moving with him and although they have sex on occasion, they are just writing partners and best friends with a itch to scratch. When trouble starts stalking them and information on his parents murder's resurface, Spence is led on a wild goose chance and Jeff is murdered in the process.

In enters Gregg Rowe, crime reporter, and all around nice guy, or is he? I loved Spence throughout the story; he's a level headed, nice guy, who just wants to live his life with his friend and write his stories, until he looses Jeff and learns his parents murderer may be still on the loose. With the help of Gregg, they find out some interesting information that may or not be real. This story is page turner that's for sure and I love the blooming friendship between Greg and Spence and  so much more. These two, together are the same but different in so many ways, they compliment each other. A very sexy story with lots of crazy characters and a who-done-it intrigue. Great story, a must read. 5 stars

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