Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nanee's Review of The Recluse by Edward Kendrick


TV star Laird Wakefield died after a motorcycle accident--or so it was announced to the news outlets by his doctors. Not true. With his face horribly scarred, he has gone into total seclusion, living in what the townspeople call "the haunted mansion on the hill" for the past five years.

But that is about to change. On a dare from his brother, twenty-three-year-old Dev Pierson breaks into the mansion's basement. When Laird catches him in the act, Dev is terrified at first when he sees Laird's face and Rage, Laird's huge guard dog. Much to Dev's surprise, after he explains why he's there, Laird invites him upstairs for a drink.

Slowly, a friendship develops between the two men. Then the question becomes, can Dev convince Laird to face his fears and end his reclusive existence? And if he makes the attempt, will Laird survive emotionally?

Nanee's Review:

Wow! Edward Kendrick does it again with a sweet and sexy story that I couldn't put down. I absolutely love these characters (I know I say this a lot in Edward's books but he sure has a way of creating characters that grab you and don't let go!) This story lured me from page one, Laird is amazing, I felt for him from the beginning, I wanted him to feel worthy of a life and of love but when he got scarred and his so called friends turned from him he knew life wasn't worth living until Dev came along. I love Dev, he's so damn sweet and doesn't care what's on the outside of someone and he isn't afraid of life. I loved these to together, first friends and then so much more. As all my reviews I try not to say too much about the story because I want you to feel it on your own and don't want to ruin anything but this story has so many layers, I love the way Dev brings life to Laird and Rage and happiness to his own life, these too together sure are hot! Laird grows so much in this story, I was like Dev wanting to protect him but with Dev by his!  love Trix and Nina so sweet and loving..I know I said this before but these characters wow! So many layers to these characters. This is a must read by Edward, you will love it from page one to the end. 5 stars!!! Love this cover too!!

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