Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nanee's Review of Marrying the Single Dad by Melinda Curtis


A man called Joe 
Building a new life for himself and his preteen daughter brings Joe Messina home to Harmony Valley. That and showing his town that the onetime bad boy is now a responsible single father. His first move is to get his grandfather's defunct garage up and running. Except now he's got the FBI poking around, and there's a beautician with her eye on the abandoned auto parts. An artist who's happiest turning rusty junk into sought-after treasure, San Francisco transplant Brittany Lambridge is making Joe think they can create something rare and special together. But he has unfinished family business that could jeopardize his fresh start. Is Joe ready to believe in himself as fiercely as Brittany's beginning to believe in him?

Nanee's Review:

I have read many books by Melinda Curtis and I have enjoyed her lighthearted, sweet and funny stories, this one is one of my favs. I enjoyed the characters from page one. Joe. Shaggy Joe, Stoic Joe and of course Heroic Joe ( and I will add in Sexy Joe) all make up this complex single dad that got screwed in life big time. He wants to make a new start with his daughter (sometimes being mistaken as a boy) Sam. Joe is tough as nails and used to be the towns bad boy and his Messina last name doesn't give him any freedom to walk into his old town and be the quiet and hardworking dad he wants to be. The town people are laugh out loud funny. Brittany, now Brit is a eccentric, full of life Tom boyish, stylish not so ugly swan and wants to make a name for herself in the art world. I love her hardworking, I don't-care-if-I'm -a-girlie-girl ways, she funny and so loving and I just couldn't help rooting for her. These two characters together are so darn cute. They don't want to admit they want to get to know each other better. Love these characters together. Now Sam is fun and sweet but doesn't understand what happened with her uncle and why life has changed so much. It's a great story all around with some very sweet old bitties, to some grumpy old men and one guy who wants to be in a motorcycle gang. LOL. too funny! Great story, lighthearted and sweet. 4-4.5 stars

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