Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nanee's Review of Sing For Their Supper by Edward Kendrick.


The Press Release said it all.

Children of the street. Homeless adults. As you walk by them, have you thought about why they're there? Have you wondered about their hopes and dreams? Has it occurred to you that most want to escape living on the streets and make a better life for themselves?

Nine homeless teens and adults are doing exactly that at Tuck Williams' new Vale Lake Theater. Nine singers, dancers, and musicians, ranging in age from sixteen to fifty, have combined their talents to bring the musical Oliver! to the stage.

The musical is a reflection of their own lives on the street, as it follows one young boy from his miserable existence on the streets of Victorian London while he searches for someone who will love him. Along the way, he forges friendships with others facing the same plight--just as the cast of Oliver! at Vale Lake Theater is doing.

Nanee's Review:

This story from start to finish has you thinking two things....One, if I was financially able would I have the guts and determination to help teens and others on the street to better themselves and give them love and acceptance? Two,  am I that type of person that doesn't look at people on the street and care, Do I not think that given a chance these kids and adults have dreams and desires they would want to pursue?

This story touches on many issues in a light way that makes you think, these kids young and older all have hopes and dreams and want to do better if given the chance. These characters are hard working, kind and loving in their own ways and Edward writes about their hardships and lost childhoods but also shows us there are people out there that make differences in the world, that look for openings and takes chances to help others. It's a feel good story with some amazing characters, love and some smiles and laughs. I very much enjoyed this story! What I liked most is the family they were able to have and rely on. 4-4.5  stars!

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