Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Nanee's Review of Someone To Love Him by Edward Kendrick


Luke Ryder has been doing whatever it takes to survive on the streets for the last three years. Then he meets Jourdain Laurent, a man who offers to help him get off the streets. Although wary of Jourdain's motives, Luke slowly accepts his help.

Finn Macneil is aware of what is happening. He vows to save Luke from Jourdain's clutches, as he knows what will happen if he doesn't. After all, Finn's step-brother was destroyed by Jourdain.

Will Finn be able to save Luke, and end Jourdain's existence? He prays he can, or the attraction he and Luke begin to feel for each other is doomed.

Nanee's Review:

Ok...Everyone knows I love Edward Kendrick's stories and this one is one of my favorites! Luke I fell for from page one, I love how strong of a guy he is, how hard he works at living..I love the fact that when Jourdain comes to him like a knight in shining armor he steps back and cautiously accepts his help but knows there is something wrong with Jourdain, he makes Luke uncomfortable but at first Luke can't pinpoint why...Then Finn comes into the picture, Finn is sweet and sexy and wants to take Jourdain down but not at the expense of his new friend Luke. Love these two together how they rely on each other to get through the mess Jourdain creates. Very intriguing story, sweet and loving too! Love that Luke has a champion behind him, he needs some love! 5 stars.

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