Monday, August 1, 2016

Nanee's Review of Lonely Vampire by Edward Kendrick


Staid vampire Armand Lyon knows what it means to be lonely. Yes, he had human acquaintances. But since he can't reveal what he is, he lives a solitary life.

Tino Verona is a new and very charismatic vampire in town. When he hunts in Armand's territory, Armand is not amused. Then Tino decides to rob the wealthy of the city. Armand catches him and, when Tino claims he's only playing Robin Hood, Armand points out he isn’t giving to the poor. The result? The pair, plus a vampire police detective who's onto Tino's thefts, band together to create shelters for the homeless.

As they do, the attraction between Armand and Tino grows. Has Armand finally found the one man who can make his life complete? Or will the appearance of a rogue vampire who preys on the homeless destroy any hope of happiness for the lonely vampire?

Nanee's Review:

As always with Edward's stories I get lost in the characters worlds. In this story Armand a vampire who although has a thriving restaurant and a Gentleman's club he frequents seems to be missing something in his life, he's used to being lonely and hiding from the world but when Tino comes into his life he can't hope for other things. Tino is a outgoing carefree vampire who makes the most out of life, or life as a vampire but when he meets Armand for the first time, he starts to rethink his rogue lifestyle and think about life differently. I loved these two together, I loved how they both although totally different from each other compliment each other and their friendship flows like they knew each other forever. Loved the plot and how these two make changes in their lives and the lives of so many others. Love how Edward writes a vampire's life uniquely and  creatively, another great story to read. 4-4.5 stars

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