Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nanee's Review Of Engagements Can Be Deadly by Edward Kendrick



My name is Brannon "Bran" Walker. I'm a private investigator, hired by Millicent Ashley's father to do a background check on her fiance, Tom Grant. Then Millie dies under suspicious circumstances during the engagement party for her and Tom--a party I attended. Murder? I think so, and I intend to prove it. 
Duncan "Dunc" Raines, the lead detective in the case--and my ex-lover--tells me to keep my nose out of his investigation. No surprise, I ignore his order--and try to ignore him--as I begin digging into who might have decided a dead fiancee is preferable to a living bride. Suspects are numerous, and someone wants me to stop looking for the murderer, if they have to kill me to make that happen. As if. I intend to show Dunc that a PI can be just as good as a cop at uncovering a killer.

Nanee's Review:

I know I have said this a ton of times about Edward Kendrick's stories but I have to say it again...I love getting lost and drawn into the characters lives and their worlds. Edward has a way of building mystery and intrigue that keeps you flipping the pages. I love a who-done-it and this is a great one! Love how the characters begrudgenly work together then build on their past relationship, learning more about each other and finding how much they still care. Great story, great characters as always in Edwards books! 

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