Monday, May 2, 2016

Nanee's Review of Premonitions by Edward Kendrick


Artist Daniel Chase moves into the house he inherited from his grandfather -- with the proviso he must live there or lose it. Soon after, he begins to get premonitions that something isn't right. Then he meets Griffin Pryce, a handsome man who lives off the grid. They become friends when Griffin agrees to become the subject for one of Daniel's paintings. 

Before that can happen, Daniel's ex Ray arrives, wanting to partner with Daniel to turn the house into a fancy restaurant. When Daniel says no, Ray sends a man to threaten him if he doesn't sign the contract Ray has drawn up. Daniel refuses and things go from bad to worse. 

With Griffin's help, can Daniel stop Ray's machinations? As the attraction between Daniel and Griffin grows stronger, will it -- and they -- survive what Ray does next?

Nanee's Review:

I love how Edward writes with such knowledge and background of the arts, you can tell it's something he is passionate about. I also love how he describes the surroundings in each story, I can always envision what he describes and almost feel part of the story. 

In this story Artist Daniel Chase is uprooted from his comfortable life in Cleveland to move to rural Colorado to live in his Grandparents home that was left to him. He loves the house and the knowledge that his grandparents left it to him rather than another family member knowing he would take great care of the house and abide by their wishes of living their. The only thing bothering him is being so far away from the city and a awful sense of something happening. His premonitions start to freak him out and keep him on a constant state of alert when Ray his ex shows up trying to get back in Daniel's good graces and his bed.. his proposal is to start a new venture of turning Daniel's home into a restaurant but Daniel is not going for this idea or Ray being back in his life, when things heat up and Daniel is threatened by Ray and his goons Griffin whom Daniel met only once shows up to his rescue. Griffin is a hot as hell off the grid kind of guy who lives off the land and enjoys his solidarity but once he meets Daniel, their friendship blooms into something so much more. I loved how Daniel drew Griffin and how much they enjoyed each others company. This book is sexy, sweet and full of action too. I won't ruin the story by saying too much but Griffin and Daniel are perfect for each other and deserve a HEA. 

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