Saturday, May 21, 2016

Nanee's Review of It Takes a Forger... (Quint and Clay Art Crimes Book 3)


Officer Lou Hernandez is surprised when he's asked to help Gideon Monahan catch an art forger. He's not too happy, though, when he meets the man he'll be working with. Lou thinks Rory Kinley is a supercilious pain in the ass. Rory, on the other hand, sees no reason why Lou has been brought into this. After all, he's just a cop, albeit one who is good at going undercover. 

The art forger they're after--Nate Hanks--cons collectors, saying he has an undiscovered painting by a famous artist. He's killed one of his marks already to keep from being caught. 

Lou and Rory will have to set aside their differences as they set up a sting to stop Hanks. When they do, they discover they may not be as incompatible as they thought. The question becomes, will their growing feelings survive what's to come--or be destroyed in the process?

Nanee's Review:

Edward Kendrick does it again! I love a story that has twists and turns and a who-done-it feel and lots of sexy too. This is book 3 in the Quint and Clay Art Crimes series and it's just as intriguing as the rest, loved the characters. Lou is sexy, so damn smart and a kick butt cop and Rory is a ex art forger who helps Gideon catch art forgers now, he also has other talents that are unique and interesting. I loved how these two characters had to grow to like each other. Rory doesn't like cops and thinks Lou will just be in the way and Lou thinks Rory is a wealthy rich kid with a bad attitude. Both have their differences but when their friendship grows, it grows into something great!. Love their getting to know each other stages and the closeness in such a short time. These two between the sheets is sexy and sweet too. Great story and great characters as Edward always writes. 5 stars

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