Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nanee's Review of Uncanny Activity by Edward Kendrick


Six months after buying his house, author Scott Drake wonders if he's sharing it with a spirit when, nightly, he hears the sounds of a car crash on the road in front of it. Then he sees the reflection of a man behind him in the windows. 

Jack Weaver, Scott's online friend, suggests he research the house's history. Then, intrigued by what Scott discovers, he pays him a visit. 

As the two men work to discover who--or what--is sharing the house with Scott, their previously long-distance friendship begins to blossom into more. Can they survive what they discover? And if they do, will the fact that they live hundreds of miles apart destroy any chance of love between them? 

This book also includes Ryker Savage, Vampire PI by Scott Drake. 

Can Ryker keep Mason Fox safe from a stalker and avoid falling in love in the process?

Nanee's Review: 

It's hard to find the words to describe this book, I would say first it's within my top two favorites by Edward Kendrick. I loved every minute of it. Second it's intriguing, mysterious and full out awesome, did I say I loved it ???? So unique and exciting. This story takes you on a fascinating ride through Author Scott Drake's life after he bought a home that has long been vacated, but why has it been vacated ? That question and so many others get answered in this story. I loved the layers of this story, the fun of trying to figure it all out and the love between Jack and Scott.

Jack and Scott have a interesting online buddy relationship until Jack takes their online friendship further by showing up at Scott's door, wow! These two are so perfect for each other. Love the budding relationship and much excitement and getting to know each other ! Another great story from start to finish, I love how Edward incorporated a story within a story, freaking genius! Scott's story was just as awesome. Both stories are page turning, fun, mysterious and so amazing!!!!! Edward this book or should I say books were perfect and so awesome to get lost in. Love the two worlds you created. Loved all the characters Especially  ! Wow!!! 5 huge stars 

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  1. Sounds good! I'm going to give this one a read.