Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nanee's Review of Riley by Susan Fisher Davis


His father’s death may have brought Riley Madison home to Clifton but nothing is going to make him stay in a place filled with so many bad memories. He’s made a life in Texas and not even a beautiful woman with a little girl who melts his heart is going to make him change his mind. He doesn’t do relationships. 
Kaitlyn Garrett Parker is happy with her life since her husband’s untimely passing. She and her daughter, Sadie, have a home and family in Clifton. Her brother, her friends, and her business are here so when the man she’s been fantasizing about since her teens returns to town, seduces her, and steals her heart, is she making a mistake not taking a chance on love? 
After learning the real reason for his father’s hatred, will the past drive Riley away from what matters most or will the truth open his heart to love and forgiveness? 

Nanee's Review:

Riley is one sexy as heck cowboy....WOW ! Susan Fisher Davis writes these Cowboys sexier every time.

Riley's been gone a long time, other than stopping in Clifton for a friends wedding he couldn't get back out of town quick enough with his bad memories but now that his father died and left him the ranch he needed to come back to Clifton sell the property and go back to Texas where he's built a life and a profitable business for himself. This story flows so nicely, the characters jump from the page and into your heart. I loved Riley and his stubbornness, I love how all the guys and their wives try and get him to stay in town...especially his best friend Sam but the love a women is the only thing that makes Riley stop and consider a life back in Clifton...or does

Kaitlyn or Katie as everyone in town always calls her is a successful business women with a beautiful baby girl, although she's had her hard times she's moved on and made a life for herself. Clifton is her home and no one will get her to budge on that! Loved these two together, their sexy and sweet and light the sheets on fire, They are so hot for each other....Love their connection. Love Sadie man is she a cutie, Thought this story was well written and a sexy read (as usual for Susan). Can't wait for Sam's story next!!!  5 stars

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