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Spread Some Love Indie Blog Hop - Second Chances by Rain Carrington


Having everything he needed and wanted in his life for the first time, Brian Lauder was perfectly happy. He had a career that he loved, a home, friends and a submissive that he adored. One he thought he’d held at a big enough distance from to protect his heart. That was all before Morgan stepped back into his house and his life. 
Morgan Cherik was everything a man could want. Beautiful, driven and eager to kneel for his Master, but he’d left without a word two years before to follow his dream, leaving Brian to pick up the pieces of a shattered heart. 
Now he was back and Brian was torn between wanting to feel that love he’d never been able to shake for Morgan, or punish him and let him go. Then there was Pez, the young college student who had helped him heal. How could Brian let him go? 

As Morgan begins to make amends, Brian knows that he cannot get over the other man who’d left his life for Brian’s happiness. Will the memory of Pez come between them, or bring them closer together? 
First installment of the Denver Diaries Collection, a collection of serials coming every 4-6 weeks, all centering on the city of Denver, the club Chaps and a group of characters that threaten to take your heart and never leave you the same. Enjoy book one!

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When we last met Brian and Morgan, they were trying to get back on track with their relationship while Brian missed the man who’d stepped aside, Pez. 

In book two, we find them still learning to rekindle their love and lifestyle. Morgan finds a job in an unexpected place, one where they respect his role as Brain’s submissive and gives him hope that his dream isn’t over. 

Brian is making headway in the prison, at least with most of his patients, and has a new patient he wasn’t expecting, one of the guards. Spencer is asking for help, but Brian can’t figure out his cryptic cry for help. 

Pez is spiraling down a road of self-destruction, but one night out with Tony and friends finds him being pulled back into Brian’s life, and Brian’s law. 

When he knows that he can’t live without both of his boys, Brian brings in help. Pez and Morgan, trying to kill each other half the time, must face that Brian wants them both. Can they live with that, or will Brian end up without either of them? 

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As Brian and his boys adjust to their new arrangement, Morgan’s career takes off and Pez’s begins. Isaac and Ferris are in need of a marketing expert and Pez falls into their laps when he goes to work one day with Morgan. 
Now both employees of Slutae, Pez finds out exactly what kinds of photo shoots Morgan will be involved in with the biggest names in the gay porn world. Not only does Brian allowing this bother him, but his own feelings toward Morgan spark jealousies he didn’t think he could have for the other man. 
The shoot goes well and Pez realizes at last why his feelings of possessiveness had ignited. With both of his boys falling in love, Brian decides it’s time to collar them. At the wrap party for the shoot, the men go to Chaps where Travis gives them half of the VIP floor to play and in front of Mack Irons, Dirty Duke and their bosses, not to mention Travis and Lonnie, Brian presents his boys with their collars. After the sacred ritual, the debauchery has the whole group of them in an orgy of dark lust, Brian and his boys the center spectacle. 
Back at the prison, Belinda warns Brian of another inmate’s hatred of him and a new inmate may flip the place on its ear. Clive is a FTM trans stuck in a woman’s prison. Can Brian save him from the almost inevitable torture usually brought on trans inmates? 
And will Trevor’s visit with Brian cause relief, or more stress as he sees that his father isn’t well? 
Find out in this installment of Second Chances… 

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As Brian watches his father struggle with the stroke, Morgan is having a struggle of his own. Asked by Lonnie Lane and Rebel Colton to head up a house for displaced submissives, he was sure he couldn’t do it. His confidence in himself was as low as it had ever been, so he was certain he would mess things up. 
Then something happens that made him forget about what they’d asked of him. Everything was forgotten as Brian fights for his life during a hostage crisis. Pez and Morgan cling to one another while they wait to see if they would be left without their boyfriend and Dom. 
The launch of Slutae as the exclusive clothing to be worn by the staff of Chaps is coming and Pez is up to his ears in work. Morgan is to be center stage at the event, being the body of Slutae and the men from Apishipa Creek are front row with Brian, Travis and Lonnie. 
Winding down to the last book, coming soon, we watch the three as they overcome the hardest trials yet. Can their love keep them going or with that very thing tear them apart? Find out in Second Chances, Book Four… 

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Indie Author Rain Carrington

Hi I'm Rain and I write contemporary M/M romance some with a BDSM slant. My book Honky Tonk, is the first I am publishing but not the first I've written. I have a whole library full that are about to be rewritten and revamped a bit and published as well. Please enjoy my books and let me know what you think!

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