Saturday, March 26, 2016

Nanee's Review of Perhaps, Someday by Edward Kendrick


Caiden McNeil is a special being, a metamorph who can become any human necessary to stop the criminals his elven boss Zander sends him after. 

Caiden is also a loner, unable to trust anyone on an emotional level. He has reason to feel this way: in his over eight-hundred years, he has learned that caring for someone only leads to despair. After all, how could a human accept him for what he really is, an immortal who will never seem to grow older than his apparent age of twenty-eight? 

Then two men come into Caiden's life -- Leander, a cougar shifter, and Theirn, a half-elf. Either may betray Caiden and his belief that their feelings for him are real. On the other hand, is one of them willing to fight to prove love is possible, if Caiden will only give it a chance?

Nanee's Review:

What I enjoy most about Edward Kendrick's stories is his characters. Edward has a way of creating characters that make you feel for them and cheer for their HEA. This story has intrigue, mystery and paranormal elements with sexy and sweet mixed in. It's got it all. I loved Caiden, I felt for him from the beginning, he's a loner and not necessarily by choice it's just;  in his world things don't always work out for love...or so he thinks. This story has ups and downs and lots of interesting happenings in their paranormal world, loved it. Theirn is mysterious and put-off-ish off the get go but once he lets himself live, he's fun, carefree and has great confidence in Caiden in work and love. Wow! Great story, loved all characters, very interesting some of them too. Love the mystery and intrigue and sexy. Every time I read a Edward Kendrick book my world becomes the story and I want to read it all in one sitting, love getting lost in his stories. 5 stars 

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