Sunday, January 3, 2016

Nanee's Review of Tate's Quandry (a C21 Story) by Edward Kendrick


A C21 Story 

What's a C21 operative to do when his partner is kidnapped by Barone, the man who runs a prostitution ring Tate and Gwen are trying to shut down? In Tate Butler's case, he unwillingly hooks up with Van Layton, an FBI agent and his ex-lover, to find Gwen, the daughter of Tate's handler. First, they need to locate where Barone has her hidden. Barone is also, according to Van, a drug dealer Van plans on putting out of business. 

Can Tate and Van put aside their splintered past to find Gwen and stop Barone? Or will working together only destroy the last vestiges of what they once felt for each other?

Nanee's Review:

Edward Kendrick's books just draw me in from page one (I have said this many times, I know! lol) Edward sent me this book and I opened it this morning very excited to see what happens next in the C21 series and I seriously opened it and read it without moving from my bed. My hubs always laughs when I open a book from one of my favorite authors,  he knows I am not doing anything until I finish reading. I do not rush it either I just get soooo into the story I can't not know what happens next and I need to continue or you know .....(wink)

I thought this story was a great continuation of this series. Love Tate and Van in this book. They are both smart and very capable of catching the bad guys alone but they also are even more capable together, they are in sync with each other, Love the longing looks and the emotions they both still share but neither wants to admit. Without giving away too much if you read the other books in this series many of the characters are back especially Gwen and Xavier. I love how tough Gwen is and what she went through would make a guy cry but she's a fighter and sassy as ever, Love it. Love the twists and turns in this story and of course the badassness of Tate (kicking butt).

Love these two characters together, love how they didn't forget about each other but neither wants to be hurt again. They are sexy as hell together. Surprises throughout the story (love that). Very exciting read and sweet and loving too. 5 stars. 

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