Sunday, January 3, 2016

Nanee's Review of Lincoln (Bad Boys of Dry River, Wyoming Book 4) by Susan Fisher Davis


A second chance at the girl of his dreams…but can she truly be his? 
Lincoln Cole has dreamed of one woman for what seemed like forever, the one who’d rejected him. Now she is back, and although engaged to another man, he hasn’t given up hope of winning her for his own. 
Veronica Bailey is the new veterinarian in town. One of her first patients is a horse in the care of Lincoln Cole, the man she’d wanted, but was too scared to say yes to, only now he looked better than ever. Engaged to a man who wanted to stifle her, she felt alive with Lincoln. Throwing caution to the wind, she does what she wants, not what she should. 
Insecurities, fears, and the wrong person putting ideas into Veronica’s head leaves Lincoln thinking he’s lost her forever—abandoned by the woman he loves, again. 

Nanee's Review:

If you have read this series you know how sexy as hell Lincoln is...DAMN. and sweet too. In Lincoln's story, Lincoln is not so pleasantly surprised to see Veronica or Roni as everyone calls her back in town and making a go at being the local Vet. When Lincoln first sees her, he's pissed off and hurt from what she said to him a long long time ago but he also feels something else for Roni as well...I love how Susan writes her Male characters especially in this series, they are all sexy as hell, they are badass but they have emotions too. Lincoln tries to stay unaffected by Roni but its impossible because he always loved her and wanted her to be his. 

Roni is a take charge girl and knows what she wants and that's to be a vet in Dry River yes but also once she is back in town she can't help but want Lincoln too. I love these two together, Love how they didn't forget about each other and still both have deep feelings for each other but they don't always show it. Love all the characters in this series and they all make a appearances and I love that! Damn they grow them sexy in Dry River. Loved this book, Loved how there's emotion and a whole lotta sexy!

Another great story in this series, Can't wait for more!!!! 5 stars

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