Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nanee's Review of The Hitchhiker Murders by Edward Kendrick


When married private investigators Brent and Quinn Collins are hired to find Andrew, a young man who has disappeared after heading to Idaho Springs, little do they know they will become embroiled in murder. Two other young men have gone missing under similar circumstances and their bodies found buried in the mountains outside of Denver. 

The Collins’ investigations soon bring to light another similarity between the murdered men: they were all slender, effeminate, and gay. After Andrew's body is discovered, Brent and Quinn think they may know who is responsible for the hitchhiker killings. 

But when Quinn goes undercover, he finds himself in much deeper waters than he expected. All they have to do is prove it ... without ending up dead themselves.

Nanee's Review:

Talk about mysterious and intriguing! If you looking for a sexy, sweet and loving book with mystery, intrigue this book is for you. I loved Quinn and Brent, these two are just two damn perfect for each other, their love shows through that's for sure and the sex wow!.

This story takes you on a wild ride of trying to find a missing boy. As the pieces of the puzzle unravel Quinn and Brent know they have more then a missing boy they have a murderer to find and neither can stop until they do. As the story continues and Quinn and Brent find more similar cases with the help of Brent's uncle they know this killer has done it before and will do it again and cannot walk away until they find him. These two characters find themselves in a tough spot time and again but they always have each other to fight through

Edward writes a amazing story of who-done-it and what the hell just happened. I loved it from page one until the end, a real page turner.  

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