Saturday, December 12, 2015

Nanee's Review of Off on the Wrong Foot by Edward Kendrick


Simon Jarrett is a well-known mystery writer. A play he wrote, based on one of his books, has been accepted by a local theater. Daniel Lowe is the theater's costumer. The first time they meet--in the elevator of their apartment building--neither knows who the other is. Daniel thinks Simon is a snob, while Simon can only see Daniel as a clone of his abusive ex-lover, Carl--although a straight one, he thinks. 

They meet again at the theater and both are appalled, to put it mildly, to find out they'll be working together. Slowly, they begin to accept each other, but it isn't until Allie, Simon's friend, reveals to Daniel why Simon is so stand-offish that Daniel finally tells Simon he, too, is gay. 

Will the two men be able to become more than friends, or will Carl's coming back into Simon's life drive them apart--or worse?

Nanee's Review:

I really enjoyed this book, I love the characters. Daniel is a hulk of a man, sexy as hell and talented as the theaters customer...Simon is a sexy and sweet writer whose book is being made into a play and being featured at the theater. I loved when these two first meet too funny. But what I loved most is their easy friendship after the misunderstanding of their first meeting, loved their closeness and their need to see each other. Edward always writes stories that grab you from the beginning and keep you turning the pages until the end. I love how protective Daniel is but not overly so and love how Simon leans on Daniel when his EX tries to force himself back into Simon's life. 

I never had the opportunity (well in middle school of learning more about the theater and found this story not only sweet and sexy with some action mixed in but loved learning about the theater and how interesting the process is to create a play. Great story from start to finish. 4.5 to 5 stars. 

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