Saturday, December 19, 2015

Nanee's Review of Love and Christmas by Edward Kendrick


When the theater's director decides to produce A Christmas Carol to celebrate the season, not everyone is happy. Galen, the company's newest actor, hates Christmas and all he thinks it stands for. Nonetheless, he'll be damned if he won't go after the lead role of Scrooge. It’s perfect for him. 

Neal, the company's brand new costume designer, takes his job in stride, and impulsively offers to help Galen learn his lines for the show. While the two men work together, Neal wonders why Galen is so against Christmas. 

Will he be able to learn Galen's dark secret? If he does, will it push the two men apart, or strengthen their slowly developing interest in each other?

Nanee's Review:

If your looking for a face paced Christmas story with sweet and loving characters this book is for you. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters. Galen is a new actor at the local theater where Neal is a customer. Galen does not do love and definitely does not do Christmas and he makes both known to anyone who works with him. Neal is sweet and patient when he first meets Galen and helps him learn his lines for the Christmas Carol play in which he was chosen to play Scrooge (very fitting) as the two get to know each other and spend time together they both learn that maybe Love isn't out of the question and at least for Galen Christmas isn't really that bad when you have someone to love. 

I always enjoy reading Edward's stories, they all grab me from the beginning and all have their own unique twist. This book is sweet and loving and very fast paced, a real page turner. 

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