Sunday, December 27, 2015

Nanee's Review of Fighting Dirty (Ultimate #4) by Lori Foster


He's the hottest MMA fighter in the game, but one woman is ready to try out a few steamy moves of her own in an unforgettable new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster 
With the life he's led and the muscles he's gained, Armie Jacobson isn't afraid of anything. Except maybe Merissa Colter's effect on him. It's not just that she's his best friend's little sister. Fact is, she deserves better. Women pursue him for one night of pleasure, and that's all he wants to offer. Until rescuing Merissa from a robbery leads to the most erotic encounter of his life.  
Good girl meets bad boy. It's a story that rarely ends well. But Merissa is taking matters into her own hands. No matter how he views himself, the Armie she knows is brave, honorable and completely loyal. And as past demons and present-day danger collide, they're both about to learn what's truly worth fighting for…

Nanee's Review:

This is my absolute favorite book in this series. WOW! Armie is one sexy as hell bad boy with a heart of gold. I could not put this book down once I started reading, I was so wrapped up in Armie from page one until the end...(Fanning self). Armie and Rissy are as perfect as I always thought Harley and Anastasia were in Hard to Handle. The road to their happiness was a tough one but love always finds a way when your meant for each other. 

I loved how hard Armie fought his feelings for Rissy, I loved how hard Rissy fought for Armie. The build up in the previous books with these two had me craving this book and I just couldn't wait to read it!!! Rissy takes action in the best way and holy smokes is Armie thrown off guard (love that!) just the word sexy cannot begin to describe this book....light your sheets on fire HOT! 

What I loved most about this book is the true friendship and family all these characters have, they are closer than any real family could be, Armie and Cannon is tough as nails but sweet and caring and always has Armie's back..Love that..but all the guys do, they always have each others back's and the wives and give each other advice whether they want it or not. Love all the characters in this series. 

Without saying to much and giving anything away because you just have to read it yourself..I loved every minute of this book, the sex is hotter than hell, the intrigue and action is amazingly written and  Armie and Rissy are everything you could imagine them being together and more...Loved it!!! 5 huge stars

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