Monday, November 2, 2015

Nanee's Review of Dylan's Dilemma by Edward Kendrick


When Dylan Russell unintentionally kills his ex-lover, Tommy, he knows he's in trouble. Then he meets a man named Mars Marsden who offers him a solution -- join the covert organization C21. An outfit made up of good men and women who ended up on the wrong side of the law, C21 now gives these people a chance to track and punish those criminals to whom the law doesn't seem to apply. Dylan should fit right in.

After meeting Mars' handler, Dylan learns Tommy was an arms trafficker. Somewhat reluctantly, he agrees to go undercover to help bring down the rest of Tommy's gang. After this dangerous induction into his new life, Dylan is sent for training.

But Dylan is a marked man. Not only are the police looking for him, but when one of Tommy's old colleagues discovers where Dylan is being trained, things get interesting. Can he and Mars survive the jobs they're sent on? And, more importantly, can their purely sexual relationship deepen into something more before the work they do tears them apart?

Nanee's Review:

Wow! This story is a roller coaster of action, intrigue, mystery and a whole lotta sexy. I love how Edward Kendrick's books range from sweet and sexy, to action and adventure, to mystery and intrigue and some paranormal.....amazing stories. 

This story is wild. Dylan is a somewhat ordinary guy who happens to run into a ex that treated him like crap and controlled his life, they decide after running into to each other to have a hook up for old times sake and that's when the wild ride begins. Dylan's life is forever changed when Tommy and Dylan's little get together forces Dylan on the run. I loved how he met with Mars. Yum Mars is a bad ass biker guy, tough as nails and so damn sexy. Dylan learns more about Tommy and the bad things he was involved in and was tasked with taking down the organization Tommy belonged to. Loved Dylan and Mars together, they are sexy as hell but also they have each others backs and protect each other, both are amazing and kick ass guys. Love the secondary characters such as Emmett, Vicki and all the other C21 operatives. I loved how the story progresses, action packed and wow!!! There is a ton of sexy too. Great story Can't wait for more with these characters (I hope). 4.5 stars

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