Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nanee's Review of Barefoot with a Stranger by Roxanne St. Claire


Francesca Rossi might be the youngest in a long line of badass siblings, but this computer whiz would rather hack a database than pack a pistol for the family business in Barefoot Bay.  When an assignment forces her out of her comfort zone and into the field, Chessie decides to amp up the excitement quotient and has her first one night stand with a sexy stranger she’ll never see again.

Former CIA agent Malcolm Harris is fresh out of prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and knows the government is watching his every move, waiting for him to slip up.  But the only mistake he makes is to assume the sexy, sassy woman he seduces on the way to Barefoot Bay is a spy.  He learns too late that the beauty he’s bedded is really his best friend’s sister…and his undercover partner on a risky mission.

Chessie and Mal have to stay one step ahead of the CIA, navigate their way through a perilous country, and fight the insane chemistry that sizzles between them.  It doesn’t take long for this hacker and spy to discover the power of their unplanned partnership…and learn that falling in love might be the riskiest business of all.

Nanee's Review:

The two most anticipated books for me in this series is Chessie and Gabe's. I loved these two characters from the moment I met them in Edge of Sight with Zach. I love Roxanne's Romantic suspense stories, I love the action, the mystery and intrigue and of course the sexy as hell parts too. 

In this story Chessie Gabe's sister has to go on a assignment in the field for her brother and Chessie is not the typical Guardian Angelino she is the computer geek in the family and can get in and out of any computer system known to man but being shot at and on the run is so not her thing. I love how Roxanne wrote Chessie out of her comfort zone and her planning and making her think on the fly and enjoy life for once without knowing what is going to happen next or planning everything to death was fun to read. Mal....he's sexy, courageous, wild and smart...and did I say Sexy??? I felt for him from the beginning you will learn that there are people out in the world that put themselves out there for others and unfortunately sometimes get screwed for their efforts. I loved how much these two characters bonded, needed each other and were on the same wave length. Love them together! They both needed someone special in their lives and I am so glad they found it. 

I cannot wait for Gabe's story! I was at the edge of my seat through this one and I know his story will be even more crazy and wild. A lot of surprises throughout this story and some damn sexy too!. Great story. 4.5 to 5 stars

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