Friday, September 18, 2015

RELEASE DAY!!!! Henri (To Catch a Kidnapper Book two) by Edward Kendrick


Allyn and Ransom's new friend coywolf shifter, Henri, has been hiding at Allyn and Madeline's house to avoid an insane abductor. Finally deciding he'll be hostage to his fears no more, Henri enlists his friends to help him lure the maniacal murderer into the open so they can catch him, once and for all. They have to get his attention and a ritzy outdoor party thrown by gallery owner Taegan Sauvage is just the place.

Taegan doesn't realize, when he meets his friends at the party, that the man accompanying them will awaken his protective urges. Being a shifter too, he joins the group in their effort to end the threat on Henri's life. What he didn't plan was a serious attachment to Henri.

Will the attraction between Henri and Taegan have a chance to grow or will their search end in death for one or both of them?

CONTENT ADVISORY: Order of series matters in this series. Please do not read out of order.

Nanee's Review:

I loved Allyn and Ransom's story (book one in the series) and this story is a amazing continuation. I loved Henri, I loved the fact that although he's afraid of the maniacal murderer that is looking for him for experimenting purposes he doesn't want to cower and hide, he wants to get on with his life and be free. When Henri decides enough is enough of hiding his friends all help in his return to society and hoping to attract his stalker. Loved the suspense and intrigue.

Edward's stories keep me turning the pages and not being able to put it down until the end, love the characters and the story pulled me right in (like book one). Loved when Taegan and Henri meet at Taegans barbecue. It starts with a little flirting then sweet kisses and more. Loved these two together, they are perfect for each other and love the relationship it becomes. I read the story in one sitting I just had to know what happens next! (Lol) I will miss these characters, loved their easy friendships and their closeness. Another amazing story by Edward Kendrick. 5 stars!!! 

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