Monday, August 24, 2015

Tough Love by Lori Foster - Release day August 25th (Watch the trailer) and bonus Nanee's Review

The Publisher's Weekly review is here: 

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Nanee's Review:

Wow! this book hooked me right from the beginning and I couldn't put it down until the end. I love books with sexy as hell MMA fighters and their sassy women. These characters are full of layers and surprises throughout and I fell for them all.

Vanity is a unique character; she's beautiful, funny, sweet and caring but full of surprises and just a amazing person all around. She's got her eyes set on MMA fighter Stack Hannigan. Stack Hannigan aka "The Wolf" in the ring is tough as nails , sexy as hell, take no shit kind of guy with serious commitment issues when it comes to the opposite sex. I love the "proposition" from Vanity and the all to eager Stack going through with it, loved the teasing and flirting at the wedding and Stack wanting the reception to end so he can get some action from Vanity. 

The story right from the beginning takes you on a wild ride of accidents, psycho ex's, crazy family members and what the hell just happened moments...and wow oh wow the sex is crazy hot, like light the sheets on fire hot as hell...HOT! Lori sure knows how to write sexy scenes....Holy! I loved these characters, I loved the layers of each throughout, the emotion and being there for each other. Love all the guys..Cannon, Denver, Leese, Armie and of course the girls. This book has it all ..One of my favorites by Lori Foster! (I wish I could share more but you have to read it yourself to grasp the awesomeness)...Oh yeh I can't forget the poochies!!! Love them...5 HUGE STARS!!!! Can't wait for Armie's story!!! "I received this ARC in exchange for a honest review"

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