Thursday, August 6, 2015

Spotlight - Wolfe's Heart: Touch of the Irish: Part 2 (Touch of the Irish: A Collection of Short Erotic Fantasies Book 1) by Savannah Morgan

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Eros' second victim, from his drunken folly on Valentine's Day, is in major trouble. Her life is falling apart and she is spinning out of control. Could it be the legend causing all this angst?  

Legend says if Eros' lead arrow pierces your heart, it will turn cold as stone right before you die.  

Samantha Porter is a woman who has experienced enough bad in her life. Her marriage was a mistake, she lost her coveted job, and her mother is sick. After returning home and landing a new job at the local paper, Sam feels she is getting her life back on track, and she even agrees to go out with the wildly sexy sheriff, Aidan Wolfe, the man she's been secretly attracted to since her return. Everything seems to go well on their date until Eros’ arrow pierces Samantha’s heart.  

Sheriff Aidan Wolfe, Alpha of the Pacific Northwest Wolf Pack, is in a precarious situation. He is in a race with time to determine why there is a shortage of mates for his pack. On top of that, he has a group of wolves attacking humans, his little sister is driving him to drink, and the sexy human reporter he’s had his eye on has triggered his need to mate. Unfortunately for him, his wolf pack is dead set against it.  

In Touch of the Irish 2: Wolfe’s Heart we meet new majickal beings like Mabh, Queen of the Wolves and Maureen, a Karma Faerie. But, don’t fret, Sheridan is back and ready to help save Samantha...and the wolves. 

Part 1 Dragon's Lair

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  1. Thank you for sharing Wolfe's Heart and Dragon's Lair. They are two of the three short stories in the first volume of Touch of the Irish collection.

  2. Thank you for sharing these books! I love them!! Savannah Morgan is such a talented writer!