Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nanee's Review of You Do What You Have To Do by Edward Kendrick


When a one-night stand turns bad and someone shoots the other man involved, Micky Payne ends up with the man's wallet--a wallet two prostitution gangs want to get their hands on. 

Robin Sutton comes to the rescue, saving Micky from being captured after Micky has gone into hiding. Robin--working for a private group bent on stopping criminals--is undercover in one of the gangs as the leader's boy-toy. He offers Micky a safe place to hide out--Robin's well-secured home. 

Soon they team up to destroy the two gangs. In the process, Micky learns Robin's mantra--You do what you have to--is indeed true if they are going to survive...and learn to love each other in the process.

Nanee's Review:

Another great story by Edward Kendrick. This book has intrigue and mystery, what the hell just happened moments and a lot of sexy and sweet kisses. I love when Edward adds mystery and crime solving to his stories, I get so wrapped up. Robin and his brothers are part of a private group trying to stop criminals and make the world a safer place and when he meets Micky he can't help but protect him but that leads to so much more with these two. Micky gets into a sticky situation with a one night stand and his world suddenly goes from boring and same old same old to being chased by criminals, putting himself out there as bait and finding a person to love. Wow! I loved the brothers too they are just as tough and hell bent on taking down criminals as their brother Robin. I loved this story from page one to the end. I couldn't help picturing myself taking down some criminals too! lol. Another must read by Edward Kendrick.

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