Thursday, July 16, 2015

On Sale for 99 Cents Turquoise by Rain Carrington


In the mountains of New Mexico lives a group of boys who are inseparable. That is until they grow up and one of them leaves the rez to fulfill his dream. 
One of the boys misses him more than the others. A love that started as children grew with him and when Angel Quintana left New Mexico, Garcia Blacksnake had to occupy his time until the love of his life returned. Angel came back when tragedy struck, with secrets he does not want this old friends to know. Secrets about the life he lived as his dreams came true, turning to nightmares he could not run away from. 
Can childhood friends help save him from a sadistic man who holds Angel’s dream in his hand? Can Garcia’s love help him to trust himself and others again? 
Warning this has light BDSM and descriptions of noncon.

Nanee's Review:

Rain did it again, she created amazingly unique characters that will stay in your heart for a long time. Angel and Garcia I loved them from the beginning, their friendship and then love for each other grew through many years and many heartaches. I loved the writing style how the author brought you right from the start of their lives together through the growing pains of becoming men. Garcia is so damn sweet throughout but I love the growing up and the changes in him. Angel I loved his strength and his leadership but I love how he relied on his Best friend and leaned on him to get back to happy. These guys are sexy as hell and scorching together. Love the secondary characters, Jim Jam, Chris all the guys! Love how they stayed true to each other and had each others backs Love Rafe what a great guy. Love Angels family so caring and proud of their son and grand son. A lot of emotion in this story, I felt it in my heart. Guy and Sal I cannot even say what I felt like doing to them. Great story, beautiful and sexy characters and a roller coaster of emotion. Loved it. 5 stars !!!

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