Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nanee's Review of Wyatt by Susan Fisher Davis


Wyatt Stone knows how easily a woman can destroy a man’s trust, because he’s been there. So when his attraction for Olivia Roberts brings him to the point of giving in to his desire for her, he knows the safest thing to do is not start something he can’t finish, but Olivia is so irresistible. 

Olivia has been crazy about Wyatt since the first time she met him but he’s as stubborn and ornery as any cowboy can be so when she finally seduces him, she’s determined not to let him go. Only holding on to him may be what causes her to lose him, and her heart in the end. 

But when the mother who abandoned her comes to town demanding what Olivia can’t give, her world is turned upside down and Wyatt is determined to find out why.

Nanee's Review:

Susan Fisher Davis sure knows how to write sexy as hell stories with tough as nails men who are brought to their knees by beautiful women.

Wyatt the ultimate self proclaimed bachelor will not fall for Olivia's charms or so he tells himself, yeh he knows she's hot as hell and sassy but he is never again falling for a women who could break his heart. I loved Wyatt, I loved his fighting not to be with Olivia and loosing that battle miserably. Wyatt is one sexy as hell cowboy with a heart as big as his ranch.

Olivia is sassy and has a mouth as raunchy as they come but she's also vulnerable, especially around Wyatt. She's a beautiful caring women and cannot understand why Wyatt hates her so much or at least that what she thinks.

I loved the back and forth with these two, I also loved how Wyatt just couldn't help himself as far as Olivia is concerned, their sex is hot as hell, sex the sheets on fire...HOT! I wanted to slap Wyatt at times for being so mean to Olivia but understood why, I loved these two together they are perfect for each other. Very sexy and sweet story with some angst and craziness too. 5 stars!

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