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Nanee's Review of Small Town Summer - Nine Contemporary Romances


From warm sunny days to long sultry nights, spend your summer falling in love in a small town! These nine contemporary romances featuring sassy heroines, sexy heroes, and lots of heartwarming romance make the perfect beach read. Whether your pleasure is sweet small town romance or smolderingly sexy love stories, there's something in the Small Town Summer box set for everyone!

Small Town Summer includes novellas from nine BESTSELLING, AWARD WINNING, and RISING STAR authors:

AWAKENING ANNA, by Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Terri Osburn
ANYWHERE WITH YOU, by Heatherly Bell
MOONSHINE & MAGNOLIAS, by National Bestselling author Jamie Farrell
SUMMER STOCK, by Regina Kyle
A KISS IN KITE HARBOR, by Stefanie London
HER LAST SHOT, by Megan Ryder
SWEET HOME ALASKA, by Rebecca Thomas


In my reviews I didn't want to share too much and spoil any of the stories. I enjoyed all of them. 

AWAKENING ANNA (Terri Osburn) – Librarian Anna Robinson is fascinated by Max Marshall, the hot young writer occupying the bestseller lists, and the apartment above hers. In one night, Max awakens Anna to true sexual pleasure, but the new lovers quickly learn that one night is never enough. 

Nanee's Review:

I loved this story, I thought the characters were perfectly written. I loved Anna although she was fascinated with Max and who wouldn't be ..damn!, she didn't share her fascination with him until he turned on the charm and flirted with her. Wow ! Max has it all he's sweet, talented and so damn sexy but he's more. The sex was hot as hell and just thought these two characters meshed perfectly. Loved their hot as hell weekend and the so much more. WOW! 5 stars

Anywhere With You (Heatherly Bell) – Welcome to Starlight Hill, California, where the wine flows freely and so does the gossip. Celebrity stylist Kailey Robbins wants a second chance with ex-military pilot Joe Hannigan, but can she convince him that this time she’ll settle down into small town life? 

Nanee's Review:

Loved this book too, Loved Joe. Joe is so completely in love with Kailey but she left him and he has no choice but to forget her but when he has a major accident he can't help but think about her and the time they had together. Kailey hid it well when she left Joe but she is so in love with him but felt she had to leave, she feels the need to move around because she never had a real home. I loved this story, I thought the characters were well written and the story was great! love the small town feel and the sex was light the sheets on fire hot!!! Great only complaint is I didn't want it to end, I wanted more Joe and Kailey! 5 stars!!

Moonshine & Magnolias (Jamie Farrell) – Shelby’s a newly single mother learning how to be herself again. Zack’s the hot military man next door who loves a good adventure. And a chance encounter at a steamy summer softball game will challenge what they both thought they knew about their hearts, their lives, and their forevers. 

Nanee's Review:

I enjoyed this story, I thought it was funny and lighthearted and I enjoyed the characters. I thought Zack was the sweetest man and sexy too and how perfect he was for Shelby and her family. I thought a few parts were a little too over done with the southern words and Shelby's phrases but over all I enjoyed these two characters banter and their flirting. I thought it was a cute story. 4 stars

Summer in Stringtown Proper (Liz Flaherty) – Banker Molly Linden never expected to be alone and unemployed at fifty. Buying hunky carpenter Joe Rahilly’s saloon takes care of the employment situation, but she’s still alone. Or is she?

Nanee's Review:

I thought this story was well written, I loved the characters, they learn so much throughout the story. Joe is sexy as hell, hardworking, very supportive guy who wants Molly to be who she is meant to be...not the stuffy New York City banker she portrays. Molly was hurt bad by her Ex but it ends up being a good thing because she can be who she wants to be, comfortable with herself not some yes sir girl who needs to watch what she says and eats. Love these two together, very sweet and fun story. 4.5 stars

SUMMMER STOCK (Regina Kyle) – Jax Donovan left his hometown—and high school sweetheart Georgi Petersen—for the bright lights of Broadway. Now he’s back, but can he convince the lovely librarian that their romance is worth rekindling, on stage and off?

Nanee's Review:

I always enjoy Regina Kyle's stories, you can tell by each she's a huge fan of the theater and her characters are always well written. Georgi was hurt when Jax left town only leaving a short note but when he comes back to town to direct their hometown theater play she can't help but push him away but reach for him at the same time. Jax has been with many women after he left Georgi behind but no one compares to her and he has to have her back. Thought these characters wee perfect for each other. Great story, well written. 4.5 - 5 stars

SERENA’S SOLDIER (Amy Lamont) – Young nurse Serena Adessi can't wait to be reunited with the soldier she's loved for as long as she can remember. But when Mace Palmer sustains a career-ending injury while deployed, can she convince him he still has a future worth fighting for?

Nanee's Review:

This story has emotion, love and so much more. Serena and Mace met with they were teenagers on the beach and made promises to each other. When Mace gets deployed their love and friendship never dies until tragedy strikes and Mace can't help but feel Serena is better off without him. I felt for both these characters, Mace I wanted to help save, he's a hero and thinks that his life is over and has nothing to offer Serena and Serena will not let Mace give up on himself or their love. Great story, I just felt it could have been a little more with Mace's recovery and his ups and downs but over all I thought it was well written. 4.5 stars

A Kiss in Kite Harbor (Stefanie London) – When plus size model, Shelby Jenkins, returns to her hometown she must face up to the bullies from her past, but the only person who can help her is the one who broke her heart. Small town advocate Nate Ritter is ready for redemption, but will he lose the woman of his dreams to the big city again?

Nanee's Review:

I enjoyed this story, I felt for Shelby and her struggles she has, having to go back home to take care of her father but she also has to deal with past hurts and humiliations from when she was in school. Shelby hates her hometown and you can feel it through the authors writing, she also still longs for Nate Ritter even though Nate was part of the hurt she dealt with. Nate can't believe Shelby is back home and wants nothing more then to be with her, he still after all these years loves her but he's torn about the way she left town. I thought story was well written and loved the characters. 4 stars

Her Last Shot (Megan Ryder) – Girl next door Rachel Darling has been in love with local baseball hero, Bastien LeBeau, for her whole life. Now that he's back in town, can she convince him that she’s the right woman for him or will he lose the best thing that might ever happen to him?

Nanee's Review:

I really enjoyed this story, I loved Bas. I felt for him having dreams and not achieving them or so he thought.  I loved his joy of coaching the kids and cheering on Tommy. I also felt for Rachel, she loved Bas for many years and he just now notices her but not necessarily the way she wants. Wow the sweet kisses move on to be so much more and Rachel has stars in her eyes, I thought they had great chemistry and without spoiling anything thought they were made for each other. Sweet and loving story. 4 stars

Sweet Home Alaska (Rebecca Thomas) – When Lauren Kinkade abandons her Hollywood dreams to run the family business back in Alaska, she reaches out to a former schoolmate to help get things off the ground. Trey Briggs has his reasons for turning her down, but can he really resist the girl he’s always wanted?

Nanee's Review:

This story moves quickly between Lauren coming back to town and interviewing for a job as a caterer for Trey, a boy who was very much a geek in high school and Lauren was the complete opposite, Trey is a successful business owner and when Lauren and Trey meet again and have a intimate lunch sparks fly. Wow these two get busy quick. I enjoyed the back and forth with these two characters and the love. Another great story. 4 stars

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