Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nanee's Review of Never Let Go Of Hope by Edward Kendrick

I want to thank Edward for dedicating this book to me, I am truly honored and humbled by this.


Well-known artist Ellis Williams is in a slump and feeling all his fifty-three years. He's lost the joy which used to permeate his painting and despairs of ever regaining it. It doesn't help when he runs into a young man who comes on to him to win a bet, thus destroying more of Ellis's confidence.

Then, at a party, Ellis meets Martin Lovell, a man his age whose partner died soon after they adopted their son. Will these two middle-aged men learn they should never let go of hope? Or is it too late for men their age to open themselves to the possibility of love and being loved?

Nanee's Review:

I love Reading Edward Kendrick's stories, I get lost in them from start to finish. Ellis is a famous painter who seems to be in a funk, he can't seem to get his motivation back and feels his work as of late is sub par. I felt for Ellis, he's a loner with very little friends and lives a somewhat lonely life. When he finally decides to go out and have a little fun he gets hurt in the worst way by a man who crushes his self esteem. 

Martin is full of life, he's sweet and caring and has a positive outlook. Martin lost his husband and father of his son Todd many years ago and can't seem to fill the whole in his heart and doesn't think he'd even want to, his life is his son and he's content with that, of course until he meets Ellis. 

When these two characters meet..after the dizzy episode, I felt their instant connection, I loved the things they had in common and their differences, they compliment each other perfectly. I loved their friends first stage so neither would get hurt or move too fast for things they weren't ready for and love their first kiss and some light groping (grin). These two meet in a time in their lives they need a connection with someone other than Martin's son Todd and Jive Ellis's dog. I loved their need to see each other and spend time when available with each other. Another great story by Edward, I love getting lost in the world he creates. Sweet and loving story with great characters, love them all..especially Jive and Todd! lol. 4.5-5 stars. 

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