Friday, July 10, 2015

Blog Tour and Nanee's Review of Crest Ridge by A.L. Boyd

PUBLISHER:  Self-Published (Anna Larson)
RELEASE DATE:  July 1st, 2015
GENRE:  Contemporary
TAGS:  police, actor, closeted,
HEAT LEVEL (1 being no sexual content, 5 being erotica): low- no more than a 3
LENGTH: 38,000 words



It was supposed to be their big night! The opening of their movie premier. Robert Owens boyfriend abandoned him, and brought another date. Humiliated, Rob left Los Angeles, and moved to a quiet ranch in rural New Mexico only to face his high school bully Dane Johnson.

Rob never expected his high school tormentor to show up at his new home, but there the man was ordering him to evacuate from an oncoming wildfire. After Rob returned to his ranch, Dane offered an apology, and an explanation of his past actions. Rob has to decide if the bully he once knew has changed his ways. Will they overcome their past and find a new start?

Nanee's Review:

This is the first book I have read by this author and look forward to reading more in the future. I thought the story was interesting, intriguing in parts and enjoyed the characters. Robert I felt for from the beginning, the way he was treated by his parents and the hell he went through in miltary school, but he's made quit the name for himself in movies as the leading man. After needing a vacation and heading to a small rural community, he runs into Dane. Dane was a tyrant in miltary school and hell bent on making Rob's life miserable or so it seemed at the time, Dane is sexy as hell and totally into Rob. I enjoyed their getting to know each other again stages, their leaning on each other and their things in common. I thought their relationship was sweet and sexy in parts too. The story kept me interested throughout, I loved the towns people and the close knight community. Without ruining anyting, if your looking for a sweet and sexy story with tho aor hotties this book is for you. 4 stars


A cartographer by day, A. L. Boyd spends most of her free time with her horses, gardening, or reading. She never intended to be a writer, but stories like this one sometimes just pop into her head. The writing came about as a way to get the stories out.


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