Monday, July 20, 2015

Author ~4~Author Blog Hop

Author-4-Author: A Virtual Writer’s Group


Opening Lines

Welcome to the first #Author4Author Blog Hop! We’re a group of multi-genre, multi-level authors who support, advise and encourage each other. Our group is open to any writer who sincerely desires to become an author. Author-4-Author is where dreams of becoming a published author become a reality. Where experienced authors can come to get answers to questions, support for events and publishing, and encouragement in all areas of a writer’s life. If you’re interested in becoming an Author-4-Author member, we can be found on Facebook!

Every month Author-4-Author members will come together in different projects. Every month you can join us in our Themed Blog Hop. July’s theme is Opening Lines!

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Author Name:

Gabi Montgomery

Opening Lines:

This is the first line of my book The Awakening of Oak Leaf Plantation. It has not been published yet, but in final edits and should be available this fall. 

Opening line:

Rafe stood at the edge of the porch staring at the staggering swarm of tourists strolling beneath the outstretched limbs of ancient, moss-draped oaks lining the half-mile drive leading up to his home. 

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Authors name:

Savannah Morgan


Touch of the Irish: Touch of the Irish: Part 1 - The Dragon's Lair 

Opening Line: 

“Of all the arrogant, ego-maniacal, vainglorious...”

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Author Name:

Mistral Dawn

Title: Taken by the Huntsman

Opening Lines:

The bus pulled up to the curb with a tired-sounding wheeze
and Cassie looked at the driver, waiting for him to unlock the back door.


Author Name:

Jordan Marie


Breaking Dragon

Opening Lines:

"It’s Sunday. That shouldn’t be a momentous thing because you get one of those every week, if you’re lucky enough to survive."

Author: Karina Kantas

Title: Lawless Justice

Opening Line: 

"Don't try getting up," Cass yelled. You're a piece of shit, Simon and I've had it."

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