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Spotlight - Release Day Jerricho's Freedom a novel by JC Wallace

Hey everyone I want to thank Nanee for having me on the release day of Jerricho’s Freedom, a dark, fantasy/demon/MPREG novel. First, read all about the possibility of a human, male pregnancy. Then check out the blurb and enjoy an excerpt from the novel. Don’t forget to click on the link to enter the Jerricho’s Freedom Blog Giveaway for some awesome prizes!


Male Pregnancy: Fact or Fallacy?

In my new novel, Jerricho's Freedom, Prince Jerricho Alamade Trychovisca, is part of the Anzuni demon clan. He can transform between his demon form (sporting the classic horns and tail) to his human form. He is a descendant of the royal line that has ruled for the Anzuni demons for thousands of years. In the royal line, males can get pregnant.

How you may ask?

The males in the royal line carry both eggs and "sperm" while all Anzuni females do as well. I use "sperm" in quotes because their sperm is more like a virus that is sexually transmitted through bodily fluids of both males and females. When after entering the blood stream, the sperm virus "infects" the eggs leading to pregnancy. Another difference between Anzuni and human pregnancy is the location. Anzuni carry higher in the abdomen and the "belly button" is actually the birth canal.

So what about pregnancy in human males? Is it possible?

There have been many pregnant men, Thomas Beattie being the most famous one. While the picture of Thomas as a man with a burgeoning belly creates a juxtaposition between his male appearance and his very swollen stomach (which I have to say is a beautiful picture), Thomas was born a female and transitioned to male through hormones. Not opting for a hysterectomy or genital reconstruction, he was able to get pregnant and give birth vaginally. Many transmen have given birth. So no biological male pregnancies to date.

But that picture of Thomas Beattie with his very pregnant form still leads to flights of fancy for some of us. One transman said that the desire to have a baby isn't just a female desire but a human desire. Many remember Arnold Schwarzenegger as a pregnant man in the movie, Twins. This comedy played on the idea of a man experiencing the effects of pregnancy, good and bad, with a happy ending.

But what are the chances of a biological male becoming pregnant? As an article on states, it is more than possible for a man to become pregnant, but it might kill him.

Why? Well, let’s look at what you need for pregnancy. 

First, you need the right hormones to carry a fetus. That is easy given hormone shots that are used by men who transition into women.

Second, you need eggs. With in-vitro fertilization, that has been taken care of.
Third, you need a uterus, right? Well in theory, yes, but women have proven you don't need a uterus to carry a baby. There are instances where the fertilized egg doesn’t make it to the uterus but ends up in the abdomen, also known as the peritoneal cavity. With successful implantation and sufficient formation of the placenta, the embryo can develop normally into a fetus. Few fetuses have reached full term or survived this type of pregnancy.

There are a couple of reason (and probably more) why an abdominal pregnancy is so dangerous.

When the embryo enters the abdomen, it can attach to vital organs. As the fetus grows, it can damage that organ with the invasive attachment needed for sufficient blood flow.

Also, to detach the placenta from the site of attachment is dangerous because large blood vessels can be involved, as well as the embryonic placenta cells that intermix with the cells around the implantation site. Once mixed, it is very difficult to detach the placenta without causing damage or major bleeding that could be life threatening. Even before birth the chance of the placenta detaching is great. Many women don’t even know they have an abdominal pregnancy until their lives are in serious jeopardy. In most cases, the fetus rarely survives.

So the only option at this time for men is an abdominal pregnancy, which are dangerous for both males and females. But have faith in scientists, because what they have done with the human body so far are amazing. Someday, someone will find that magical solution and men will be able to give birth. In gay couples, this would be an amazing opportunity for them to share the ups and down, the intimacy, the joys of a giving birth. And I'm sure, as it was with homosexuality though, this too will be the touted as the end of civilized society as we know it. Won't it be awesome!

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Jerricho’s Freedom
Available at Amber Allure

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Jerricho never expected to fall in love with Rex, the sexy, construction foreman but he did. Too bad tradition forbids Jerry from marrying for love. Prince of the clandestine Anzuni demon clan, a Baelso (bearer of children), and a virgin at twenty-four, tradition dictates that Jerry marry a man chosen for him. Despite his soul deep love for Rex, Jerry has no choice but to follow through with his obligation as prince and marry someone he doesn’t love.

But Jerry isn’t prepared for his dominant, aggressive fiancé who is only interested in marrying him for the future title of king. Facing the reality that he will lose his virginity to the cold man, Jerry flees to Rex for one night of passion. When Jerry finds himself pregnant with Rex’s baby, the actions of his enraged fiancé release Jerry from his marriage obligation.

Just when Jerry believes he will marry for love, he and Rex are ripped from away life as they know it. Betrayals, kidnappings, cruel experiments, pregnant men, and the reappearance of the Anzuni’s greatest enemy force Jerry and Rex to fight for their lives… their love… and their unborn child.

“Is there a problem here?” The familiar deep voice buzzed through Jerry’s body.
Rex stepped close to Jerry, and Steve quickly backed up with a nervous laugh. “Nope, it’s all cool. See you guys tomorrow.” His hasty retreat was anything but smooth.
Keith smirked. “It’s all good, Rex. You know Steve. He’s gotta give the new guy a hard time.”
Rex’s eyes remained fixed on Jerry, no doubt waiting for him to corroborate what Keith said. Jerry was too busy trying to keep his line of vision above Rex’s chest. The foreman was still shirtless, standing there all tan and sweaty and so fucking hot. It messed with Jerry’s equilibrium, and he was afraid he’d fall over. That would be smooth.
Jerry managed a nod. “Yeah.”
Rex narrowed his sparkling green eyes and then shook his head slightly. “Okay.” He hesitated for a moment, seemingly undecided about what to say. He averted his eyes, and Jerry swore he looked nervous.  “A bunch of us are meeting at Jack’s Tavern for some pool and beers at seven. If you’re fr─I mean, if you guys are free, stop by.”
All of the times they’d spent together, Rex had never suggested they meet outside of the library. Jerry couldn’t help but gawk. He couldn’t have answered at that moment, even if his pants had burst into flames.
Keith rolled his eyes and shot a glare at Jerry. “Sure, Rex. Thanks for the invite. I’ll be there.”
With that, Jerry was sure Rex would leave, but he turned those beseeching eyes to Jerry again. Nope. Jerry wasn’t going to survive much longer. “How about you?”
Jerry wanted to say yes. He willed the words to form and fall from his mouth. He decided he had to be a masochist when he managed to nod. He couldn’t have the man, so why was he torturing himself by hanging around him?
Rex grinned wide and walked away. Jerry watched that slim ass in those tight jeans...until something smacked him upside the head.  
“Shit, Keith.” Jerry rubbed his head. He spotted the sanding block on the ground.
“Get in the car, jackass,” Keith instructed, and got into the car.
Jerry grabbed his lunch cooler and climbed into the passenger seat. He barely had his seatbelt on before Keith shot out onto the road.
“You really need to stop with the creepy staring at Rex,” Keith said, gripping the steering wheel. “The man’s straight.”
“How do you know that?” Jerry asked, knowing he should just agree, but he was feeling anything but agreeable. He knew what he’d felt between them.
Keith turned his chin to Jerry, sighed deeply, and then turned back to the road. “I don’t think you should go to the bar tonight.”
Jerry had been thinking the same thing, but he wasn’t going to tell Keith that. “Why not? I was invited too.”
Keith snorted. “You and alcohol are a bad combination when you aren’t drooling over a straight man.”
Jerry crossed his arms over his chest. “Not once did I drool.”
Keith ignored his comment. “Besides, even if he wasn’t straight, you know your parents would never approve. He’s not clan. And even if he was clan, you aren’t allowed to date, Your Highness.” Keith slammed the door on any hopes Jerry was falsely entertaining.
“Don’t call me that,” Jerry muttered, with a scowl. Gods, he hated that and Keith knew it. “Fine. If you don’t want me around, I’ll go hang out with Annabelle.”
Annabelle worked with him at the library. She was mildly annoying, but fun.
Keith barked out a laugh. “Last time you hung out with her, she painted your toenails.”
Jerry shrugged. He’d thought they looked nice. Shit, he was so girly sometimes, although the tattoos he’d covered his body with were anything but girly. And his parents hated them, which was a bonus.
Keith pulled up in front of Jerry’s apartment building and shifted the car into park. “Listen, if you want to go, I’ll pick you up. Just quit the staring, okay?”
Keith was right—Jerry was borderline obsessed.
Jerry opened the car door. “Okay, pick me up. I promise to behave myself.”
Keith narrowed his eyes, then nodded reluctantly. “Six-forty five.”
Jerry nodded back, climbing out. He slammed the door, and Keith drove off. Jerry prayed he could keep his promise.

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JC "Jake" Wallace started writing from a young age, but took a break for marriage, kids, and college (in that order). A few years ago, he rediscovered his passion and ventured out into the brave new world of publishing. He now has several novels and short stories published. At night and on the weekends, Jake writes about all things men, believing there is nothing hotter than two men finding and loving one another, whether for a night or forever. An avid reader of M/M romance, Jake loves a good twist of a plot, HEA, HFN, or tragic ending. He also writes what his bestie calls HUNK (Happy Until the Next Kidnapping). In his daytime hours, Jake works with individuals with autism and behavior problems. He is owned by a beautiful partner, three kids, two grandchildren, two dogs and one cat. He lives in the Adirondack Mountains in Northern NY.

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