Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nanee's Review of Montgomery(Bad Boys of Dry River, Wyoming Book 2) by Susan Fisher-Davis


FBI Agent Montgomery Bradford is deep undercover as Colt Raines—bad guy. When his boss brings back the wrong target, he must now protect Isabella Lofton while completing his mission but she’s not about to make it easy for him, especially when he finds himself unable to resist her.

Isabella knows her father’s worst enemy is only keeping her alive until he has her father, and she only has Colt’s word he won’t allow any harm to come to her. But how much should she trust a criminal working with the man who wants to destroy her family? Her heart tells her one thing and her need to escape tells her another yet Colt refuses to help her gain her freedom. 

When the truth comes out about who Mont really is, will Isabella still want him or hate him?

Nanee's Review:

I absolutely love this author, I love the way she creates her characters and her stories always keep you on the edge of seat. This book has a whole lot of sexy in it... and I mean sexy!!! Mont or when he is undercover goes by Colt, he is one bad boy, sexy as hell, tough as nails FBI agent who can't seem to stop wanting Isabella or Princess Bella as he calls her even though she's supposed to be the hostage of a major scumbag who is out for revenge against Isabella's father. Isabella is amazing, she puts herself at the mercy of these scumbags, she stays to help Colt and she goes head to head with anyone in her way.

 I loved the way these two characters fell for each other, I loved the chemistry and the OMG lighting up of the sheets (this author sure can write sexy well!) I thought the story was intriguing and full of action and once I started reading I couldn't put it down. A lot happens within these pages and I don't want to ruin anything, so you'll have to read it yourself but I love how Mont's buddies are back and happy for him being home again. I cannot wait for the next in this series...I want Storm to have his happily ever I loved this story, I thought the characters were amazing and sexy as hell. 4.5 to 5 stars

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