Sunday, June 7, 2015

Author of the Month - International Best seller Rain Carrington - Coming soon The Family

Coming Soon!


Blaine had an angelic face and a sheltered life. All he longed for was a love that could chase the loneliness and make him feel wanted. What he got was a beautiful man with a quick fist and lots of secrets.
Troy was beautiful and deadly. From the first he showed that he had violent tendencies, but the trusting Blaine thought he could overcome them and help Troy become a better man. When he realized there was no changing him, Blaine sought help.
Help came. Dante Carrillo was the brother of a mob boss, but under that was a man who had lost enough in his past to appreciate the angelic beauty. He swept in to save Blaine from the abusive Troy, but his family ties put Blaine in even more danger than Troy had been.

Can love save Blaine or will it make him the latest victim of The Family?

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