Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nanee's Review of Barefoot Bound (Barefoot Bay Undercover 0.5) by Roxanne St. Claire


This 100 page story will tell you exactly how Gabe Rossi (yes, that Gabe Rossi, the legendary bad boy of The Guardian Angelino series) is picking up his life and moving to Florida to launch a covert operation in Barefoot Bay. This isn't his "love story" (that's coming soon, I promise!) but the novella is told completely from his point of view and will treat long-time fans to a few days with old friends (the Angelino and Rossi family! Uncle Nino!) and introduce a new world

Nanee's Review:

Wow! I have waited a long time to read about the Guardian Angelinos and my two favorite couples Zach and Sam and Vivi and Colt. Love these characters and so excited to see what they were up to and get back to the Rossi family dinners. I love Nino most of all and love how he butchers sayings and quips but I love his heart and soul the most. I love how the family all loves him. Gabe I have waited forever to know more about and in this norvella we get a taste of sexy as hell Gabe Rossi and his plans for his future. I loved how the story is in Barefoot bay and how the Mystery and intrigue will be back in Roxanne's stories. I absolutely love her Barefoot Bay stories but sure missed the action and intrigue now we will get it all again, intriguemystery, and sexy all in one again. Great Novella. 4 - 4.5 stars

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