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Blog Tour - Storming Love: Flood ...Six Authors, Twelve Men, One Disaster

Storming Love: Flood Book Blast Blog Posts

Author Names:  NJ Nielsen, Jenn Dease, Jambrea Jo Jones, AC Katt, Pelaam, Cherie Noel

Book Names: Storming Love: Flood

Couples names:  
NJ Nielsen: Adrian and Lockie
Jenn Dease: Bridge and Doug
Jambrea Jo Jones: Pete and McKenzie
AC Katt: Derrick and Steven
Pelaam: Euan and Gregg

Cherie Noel: Patric and Sam

Up All Night, Read All Day-Pamela

Storming Love: Euan and Gregg isn't about big buff guys, or the indulgent lives of the mega-rich. These guys are pretty ordinary but opposites in many ways. Euan's happy working as a chef in the restaurant that forms part of his family's business. He has a great relationship with his family and loves his work. Gregg works for his father, but hates the job and doesn't have a close relationship with his dad.
Believing Gregg to be straight, given he was the handsome jock with girlfriends aplenty in college, Euan's dark cloud on his horizon is having been in love with his best friend for years. They've planned a holiday together, camping, just like old times. Euan hopes that seeing his friend will finally make him realise that he has to move on with his life and stop pining for what will never be.
Unaware of Euan's feelings, Gregg has a secret that he needs to share with his best friend. Something he's kept hidden from almost everyone. But someone from his past almost destroys his friendship with Euan.
When the flood waters rise, Euan and Gregg are cut off from the town and any help. Have they each just found what they both yearned for only to lose it in the storming flood?
I wanted to do a story about a couple of ordinary guys who, like so many other people in the world, are just looking for love and happiness. The most challenging parts of writing this were that I live in New Zealand and so don't know Texas at all so that meant doing some research. Also that I write much more in science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal genres. But I really enjoyed writing about Euan and Gregg.

As a writer, my staples on hand are a cup of tea, and occasionally a glass of wine, a book of names and their meanings, several dictionaries, and some quality dark chocolate. When not writing I can be found indulging in my other passions of cookery and wine appreciation.

Categories: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, Romance, Western/Cowboy (Please note that not all books will contain all elements.)

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Publisher: MLR Press
Cover Artist: Kris Jacen

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