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April Spotlight - Author Edward kendrick

Today I would like to welcome Author Edward Kendrick. Edward's books have been featured and reviewed many times on my blog, I am in awe of his writing style and absolutely love his characters he creates. Each time I read his books I think I have a new favorite of  but that seems to change with each new book As some of you know I am creating my own stories and Edward is one author that has inspired me to keep going... Thank you Edward for joining me today.

Let's get to know Edward...

Out of all of the books you have written, do you have a favorite book or favorite character that always stuck with you?

I do. Vanni from 'The Beast Within'. Unfortunately the book is no longer available, but he sticks with me because of what he went through and how he handled it—with the help of his friends. He will always hold a special place in my heart.
Who is your go to author to read when you're not creating your own amazing stories?

Oh boy. I don't really have just one. When they have a new book out, I'll always pick up Linda Fairstein's because I love the details about New York city she puts in them. Or Heather Graham for the supernatural aspects. Harlan Coben's stand-alones. Mercedes Lackey's fantasy books are a must. I think I've read 'The Last Herald-Mage' trilogy at least four or five times.
 As you know I am trying the art of writing. What advice can you give me or other aspiring writers?

Write from the heart. And don't give up. Edit, edit and then edit again until the story is exactly the way you want it. Then, when your editor says something needs to change, and you trust them, take their word for it. Not all editors are created equal, but I've found that most of them do know whereof they speak. At least mine do.
 Do you find the competition overwhelming at times in this genre?

Personally, I don't worry about how many authors there are in our genre. There's room for anyone who wants to write M/M. And, as far as I can see, more than enough readers interested in reading what we write.
Do you attend any conferences or book signings where followers or myself can meet Edward Kendrick face to face?

No, I don't. I'm an introvert, and intensely shy when it comes to large groups.
 I asked this question a lot lately and had some interesting answers. Is Edward Kendrick a pen name and if so how did you come up with it?

It is a pen name. It was the name of a character I created when I was writing fan-fic.
I see that you have many new releases coming out soon, how many books would you say you release on a average year?

After checking—in the last 12 months I've had 17 books released. I do have one advantage. I'm retired, which gives me time to write. *G*
Any final thoughts you'd like to share?

If you love to write, do it, even if only for yourself. If you want to be published, never give up. However, listen to and accept any and all advice from people—authors and editors—whose opinions you respect. It's not easy, but to be cliché, what in life is that is really important to you.

Upcoming books!

Revenge blurb:

When Jared's brother Danny is murdered, Jared is the only suspect. He goes on the run, meeting Lang, an ex-cop, who offers to help Jared find the real killers. Will their attraction survive or are they the killers' next victims?

When Jared's brother Danny is murdered, Jared is the only suspect. The reason? While the murder happens, he's in the hands of unknown kidnappers. Since the police don't believe his alibi and he has no proof it happened, he goes on the run. When he meets Lang, an ex-cop, the man offers to help Jared find both the reason for Danny's murder and the men who committed it.

They discover that Danny had apparently been blackmailing some very prominent people, three of whom become prime suspects in his death. But is he indeed the blackmailer or is there a second party involved?

With the help of Lang's computer whiz sister, the two men set out to discover the answers while dealing with their growing attraction to each other. The question becomes, will they survive long enough to act on their feelings, or will they become the killers' next victims?

The Hybrid Stories blurb:


Captured and tortured, Brand becomes...unique. He escapes and with Mag's help, he sets out to exact revenge. Soon life becomes complicated when they meet others willing to help them. Will they find his captor, and if so, what then?
What do you do when you find out the man of your dreams may just be a creature out of a nightmare? That's what Ryan must decide when he invites Adrian to be his housemate.
Talbot, a loner--and lonely---hybrid dhampir/werewolf, is asked to help the Enforcers find a turncoat in their midst. Reluctantly agreeing, he meets werewolf Ulrik and things become...interesting, when the team is sent to New Orleans to stop a rogue and catch a traitor.

Garth's Chronicle blurb:

When Garth is attacked by his ex lover, his life is saved by a stranger who then vanishes. When they meet again, Garth learns the name of his savior. François. What Garth doesn’t know is that François is a vampire. One who distrusts all but a few humans to the point of hatred. Despite that, they find they are attracted to each other—an attraction that François fights with all that is in him. When Garth finally learns what François is, the question becomes can they overcome their differences or are they fated never to discover that love conquers all?

‘Shared pain is lessened,shared joy is increased, thus do we refute entropy.’ Spider Robinson 

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