Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spotlight and Nanee's Review - Surviving by Edward Kendrick (one of my favorite M/M authors)


When Terry and Kel Coleman run from their abusive father, they end up in Denver. The day they arrive, they meet three street kids named Rudy, Snap, and Josie. The brothers move into the trio's squat where Rudy and the others teach Terry and Kel the ins-and-outs of survival on the streets. While that happens, Terry and Rudy are drawn to each other and begin a tentative relationship.

Then Kel is almost kidnapped by a man sent by his father to bring him home. Forced to leave their squat to keep Kel safe, they turn to a local pastor for help. Thanks to the pastor, the five young people may find hope for their future -- if they can survive the present. In the process, can the budding relationship between Terry and Rudy survive, or will it be torn apart by the life they're forced to live?

Nanee's Review:

Another amazing story by Edward Kendrick, I can never put his books down once I start reading them. This book is definitely one of my favorites, I loved the characters and the emotions throughout. I loved the way the author described stree life and sticking together, living day by day and pushing forward. Rudy and Terry are both amazing characters, they are both supportive, protective and father hen like (lol). The others are just as great but they rely on Rudy and Terry to keep them safe, fed and a family. This book gives you hope that there are good people out in the world that are willing to help. I especially loved the hope and hard work these kids portrayed wanting more out of life, not giving in to the life on the streets. This story just hit me in the heart from the beginning especially the love Terry has for his brother Kel. I also loved the budding relationship between Ter and Rudy, they feelings for each other and the exploring each other as well. Great story, amazing writing, very emotional and caring and a all around amazing story. 5 stars. 

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  1. This looks like an interesting read, going to have to add it to my enormous TBR pile!