Friday, February 6, 2015

Nanee's Review and Spotlight - Taking My Sister's Husband by P.J. Nevada


My sister married this hot guy named Jason. Since I was gay, I kept my distance from him, afraid I would jump him one day and ravish his sexy body. We were all friends in college but I didn't want to hurt my sister. But the sexual chemistry between us just sizzled, and Jason soon felt it too! When push comes to shove, mother nature always wins out! Follow their emotional and arousing journey

Nanee's Review:

I thought this book was interesting and unique. The author wrote it in the first person. Joshua is the brother of Janey who is about to get married to Jason who Joshua has the hots for. He separates himself from his close relationship with Janey to not make it known he has feelings for her soon to be husband. Jason has feelins for Joshua too but neither know how to react, they spend time together and just get closer. I think the story had great potential but I thought it was very rushed and quit step by step in parts. I thought it was sexy as hell and quit interesting as well  but thought it could have been better. If your looking for a quick read with a interesting concept this is a good one to read.  

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