Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nanee's Review of A Taste Of Honey by Catherine Vale


The beautiful and curvaceous Olivia Rose has always been a hopeless romantic. In fact, it's gotten her into trouble more times than she cares to remember - always falling in love with the wrong kind of men. So when she finds herself being rescued by a gorgeous stranger, she expects that it will be trouble as usual.

She has no idea just how much trouble she's about to get into...

Cody has a dark past that keeps his heart locked in a cage and not even the likes of Olivia is going to get near it. He has lived far away from society for many years - forced into hiding, a man of many secrets.

But when they find themselves running from the same enemy they must band together in order to survive. And when things heat up to the point of a complete meltdown, the question becomes - who's rescuing who?

Nanee's Review:

I liked the concept of this book, it's a little different then your typical shifter story. The story had some action, mystery and suspene and intrigue and a smattering of sexy. I wish the author brought us deeper with the characters, Olivia we knew a little of her past but not really anything to have us love her or feel for her. Cody I felt for his mistreatment and his loneliness but thought that could have been more to, I just didn't feel as connected with these characters as I wanted to be. I thought it was rushed in parts and no real emotion. I liked Ben and was annoyed by Camilla but all in all felt detached somewhat. Love the cover and would like to try another book by this author. 3.5 stars

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