Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nanee's Review of Menage Under The Mistletoe by Eva Lilly - Secret Craving Publishing


For Claire Matthews disguise now comes as easily as piano performances once did. When a letter shatters the illusion of safety, will she turn to her cop and firefighter roommates for protection, or will she disappear into the winter night as she’s done before? 

When his best friend threatens to make a move on Claire, Sean Dalton figures he’d better get over the notion that she’s off limits before he has to stand in line. After a night of blazing passion, he’s surprised to discover he doesn’t mind sharing the woman of his dreams—or himself—with his best friend, Max. 

Max Devon warily gives into his desires for his two roommates. This time he vows, he’ll know when to leave the ménage, especially as Sean is on the cusp of getting everything the hero deserves. He’ll stick around long enough to see his two roommates get together

Nanee's Review:

Wow! This book I couldn't put down until the end. I thought it was going to just be another all sex but no actual story but it wasn't it was hot as hell, mysterious, intriguing and loving all in one. I loved the characters wow these guys are hot. Max a sexy as hell cop, with bulging muscles a dominate side and so freakin hot in the sack. Sean is sexy as hell too a firefighter, funny and sweet and also amazing in bed. Claire is not what she seems but she's sweet, loving, super kinky and just awesome. The story takes you on a wild ride of crazy stalkers, scorching hot sex and love. Great story. 4.5 to 5 stars 

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