Saturday, December 27, 2014

Nanee's Review of Under The Lawman's Protection by Laura Scott



As a skilled SWAT team negotiator, Isaac Morrison has defused many a crisis situation. But safeguarding Leah Nichols and her young son may be his most challenging mission yet. Leah's brother—his best friend Shane—has gone missing while working undercover. Now it's up to Isaac to protect mother and child from Shane's enemies. He doesn't know whom they can trust, but he's determined to catch the gunmen threatening their lives. Isaac knows he needs his best protection skills against their formidable adversary. Because he can't risk the consequences to the little family who has stealthily claimed his heart.

SWAT: Top Cops: Love in the line of duty

Nanee's Review:

I enjoyed this story, it was full of action, intrigue and mystery. I thought the characters were well written. Isaac is sexy as hell, a SWAT team member and tough, he put his life on the line for his friends sister and son. Leah is strong, stubborn and full of life. They both have pasts they are trying to forget and move past but together the action and intrigue put them closer and closer together, I thought these two characters were great together. I thought Isaacs best friend Caleb was great too but why did we not hear what happens with Deck, why did he fall of the face of the earth. Shane ; Leah's brother was amazing, tough as nails and smart. Can't wait to read his story, a lot going on to keep you on your toes. Interesting story. 4 stars 

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