Saturday, December 27, 2014

Nanee's Review of Misjudged by Kathryn kelly


Have we ever misjudged a situation? Looked at life one way only to realize it’s something else entirely?

Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell is at a crossroads. He worships his old lady, Megan. After almost losing her, he’s realizing marriage is harder than he thought, especially when he’s the president of one of the most notorious MCs around.

Megan Caldwell has been immersed in grief over her lost son, blaming herself for his death. She wants another baby and she wants to be the old lady her husband needs her to be.

Reality has a way of changing perceptions. Both Megan and Christopher will have to find answers to some hard questions. Most important one?

Where do they go from here?

Warning: This story contains a little of Kendall Miller’s backstory and a present-day decision on her part. It isn’t for the faint of heart and isn’t a hearts-and-roses type of romance. It has a little intensity, a smidgeon of fighting, a lot of loving, and approximately 1360 ‘f’ words or variations thereof.

Nanee's Review:

Wow! Another amazing Death Dwellers story by Kathryn Kelly. I love Outlaw and Meggie, in this story they are going through the emotions of loosing their son Patrick and moving on, Meggie wants to be enough for Christopher and Christopher wants to protect Meggie. Love them together, love their love and strength for each other. Val and Zoanne are back which I also love (second favorite couple) and Mortician and Bailey go on a wild ride. A lot of action (of course) a lot of drama thanks to Kendall and a lot of love. I want to feel for Kendall I just can't, she rubs me the wrong way, she's a pain in the ass, whiney baby or will hurt Christopher and Megan and anyone else on her path. I felt for Johnny, he's a good guy, tries his best but it never seems good enough for Kendall. What the he'll is up with Digger, oh my can't wait for more on that. A wild ride this book brings you on. Love Rule and Rebel (perfect names) can't wait for the next book. This one as all the others rocked. 5 stars 

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