Friday, December 5, 2014

Nanee's Review of Gabe (Men of Clifton Montana book 2) by Susan Fisher- Davis


Gabe Stone can’t get Emma Conner out of his mind, even though he knows she’s not the kind of woman to settle for a fling. Having known Emma all her life, he never noticed how grown up she’d become - until now.

Emma has been in love with Gabe forever. When he finally shows her the attention she’s always hoped for, she falls even deeper in love with him, and soon discovers she’s pregnant. Gabe does right by her. He marries her, and eagerly awaits their baby, but Emma can’t help but wonder if he will ever love her or only the baby?

When danger revisits Clifton, Montana, Gabe discovers the heart can hold a lot of love. But he wonders if he can convince Emma his love is real. And if he succeeds, will she love him in return?

Nanee's Review:

Wow! I think I said this before but I am saying it again...the Stone Brothers are sexy as, I loved this book just as much as book 1, all the brothers are front and center but Gabe takes sexy to a new level. Love his flirty looks with Emma making her blush, love their first kiss, love how Gabe can't stop thinking about her. Love their first time. These two lit the sheets on fire.. Gabe is full of swagger, winks and and all in a knee melting is just too sweet and innocent and in love with Gabe. Loved her, she's so caring and such a great friend to Becca and Liv. I loved how the author brought mystery and intrigue back in this story, and love the way the brothers rally together to protect their women. Love the surprises throughout too. I cannot wait for book 3 I am hooked, this author sure knows how to write sexy romantic stories with a little mystery...5 huge stars 

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