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Spotlight - K.A. Young and Review by Nanee of Crypt Keeper the Molly Maddison Series

Hi everyone out there in blog space! *Waves* This is K.A.
Young, thank you having me. A little about me, I’ve written three series the
first, The Nephilim Warrior Series, second, The Elise Michaels Series and the
third is my YA 14+ adventure series Valkyrie Diaries along with my stand alone
contemporary with a twist of fantasy novel Eternally Bound.  I’m here to introduce all of you to the first
book in my fourth series Crypt Keeper book one in the Molly Maddison Series.  

categorize my writing in the above series as a blend of suspense, humor, light
horror, steamy romance with hot alpha males and a sprinkle of reality to tie
everything together! 

Molly Maddison is
spunky, feisty, jaded… Oh, and she sees dead people. With her dead best friend
and dark hero by her side will she be able to perform her duties as family
Crypt Keeper? Only time will tell.

Allow me to share the
first two chapters with you. Read the
first two chapters here!

Nanee's Review:

I loved this story, The author's imagination is fantastic. It is such a creative story it has mystery, intrigue, wicked characters and sexy as heck parts too. In other words this story has it all. Molly is the ultimate spunky, feisty character (as the author describes) she takes you on a wild ride with the what the hell just happened moments, what the hell is happening now and what the hell is that characters! It's a amazing story with a lot of funny moments, steamy sexy, emotional twists and turns and awe...Jewels is kick butt, Molly's best friend oh yeh and she's dead. Love how these two interact and joke and enjoy life (sort of). Levi is something all together different, he's sexy, sweet at times, hot in the sack but also hiding something big. Damon is sexy too and also something different and wow is he hot for Molly. No one is what they seem or are they? (giggling), this book keeps you on your toes, running for your life, cheering and screaming all at one time. wow!! great story can't wait to read the next in this series and others by this author. If you love paranormal (not a story out there like this one) with major twists and wild characters grab this book. 5 stars,

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Now on to the fun
part! The character contest!

Here’s a little background on
the contest:
Enter to be written as a
character in my
Molly Maddison Series. I’ll create your character
using your name, description and personality. I already know which
character you’ll be and without giving away too much, this character is:
* Integral to the storyline *
And will play a part in all
future books in The Molly Maddison Series

The winner will get:
* A written part in the Molly
Maddison Series

* The ability to read the book
before it’s released to the public

* Added to the Acknowledgments
page of the book

* A signed (with dedication)
paperback copy of the book
* A signed paperback copy Crypt
Keeper (Book #1)
Simply complete the
questionnaire and GOOD LUCK!

Thanks again for allowing
me to stop by and chat about my writing and new release!

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