Monday, November 24, 2014

Nanee's Review of Moon of the Beast by J Ashburn


The exciting conclusion to The Beast Within Trilogy!

There is seemingly no escape for Alec and Philip when the Pure Blood is led right to the White Wolf. Rachelle finally stands with her brother to fight for his new life and his right to love and it's an all out war for survival with casualties on both sides.

It's a race against time to stop the Pure Blood from completing the moon ritual with the only thing he needs....the White Wolf. Alec, Philip and Rachelle will need all of their friends, old and new as the full moon draws near. Is their love enough top stop this threat once and for all? The answer will change the entire shifter world forever.

Live the passion, adventure, and romance in Book 3 of the Beast Within Trilogy.
It is strongly recommended you read Books 1 and 2 before starting this book.

Nanee's Review:

absolutely Loved this trilogy, I thought the author wrote a amazing three part story with such great characters and creative writing. This story was action packed, intriguing and full of wow! This book is so damn sexy too. Love Alec and Philip, love how much they love each other and will fight to the death for each other. All characters are front and center and their world is turned upside down as Vincent tries to take them all on. I don't want to ruin anything by saying too much but this author sure knows how to write a edge of your seat, hair standing up magnificent story. I will keep a look out for more books by J Ashburn, I'm sorry to see this one end but it couldn't have ended any better. Love all these characters especially Phillip and Alec. 5 huge stars... 

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