Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nanee's Review of Jake by Susan Fisher-Davis - Secret Craving Publishing

Publisher - Secret Craving Publishing
Author - Susan Fisher-Davis


Jake Stone isn’t happy about Hattie’s granddaughter suddenly appearing to take over her ranch after Hattie’s death, but he knows she’d want him to make her welcome. He just didn’t expect to like the stubborn redhead quite so much.

Becca Daniels has inherited a horse ranch from a grandmother she never knew. To sell it, she has to live on it for six months. Otherwise, it goes up for auction. Now it seems someone else wants it and is trying to run her off.

Now, with her horses stolen, her home invaded, and threats made against her if she doesn’t leave, Becca doesn’t know where to put her trust. What sinister plot is underway to force her hand? Worst of all, could the gorgeous cowboy who’s managed to steal her heart be behind it all?

Nanee's Review: 

Wow! The Stone brothers are sexy as love a story with ranches, Sexy Cowboys and HEA's. Jake is drop dead gorgeous, has a heart of gold, hard working and a stand up guy. Becca is a sweet (sometimes) has a temper (must be the red but loves with all her heart and she's feisty too. Love these two together, love their bickering, their poking at each other and their hot as heck sex. The story keeps you on your toes with some mystery and intrigue (I figured it out but new things happen to) love Liv (her foul mouth ..that's me) and Emma (so shy and sweet) love Gabe and Wyatt too so supportive of their brother. Jake is just too hot! Love Stan and Sam too great secondary characters. Great story, great characters. Can't wait to read the next one in this series...4.5-5 stars

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