Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nanee's Review of Reservation Ravaged by Joanna Senger


Hermione Daggert is a newly certified California private investigator and the junior partner in Denning & Daggert. Proud possessor of her own business card, she relies on her special analytical skills and ability to fade into the background so completely that people forget they met her. The senior partner, Emma Denning, turns over an assignment for a local Indian tribe, the Kanache, to Hermione. Over a year before, a man camped illegally on the reservation. The chief forced him to leave immediately. Ever since, the land on which he camped has seen unparalleled devastation. The chief’s grandson is injured in a freak accident on that section of the reservation and loses a leg. 

Hermione is hired to find that man. And she does. 

But that is only the beginning. The Kanache sell that section of the reservation to an academic entrepreneur, Dr. Frederic Unlickner, who uses the site to build the Institute of Holistic Health, his lifelong dream. Emma Denning despises Unlickner on sight and nicknames him “Dr. Unlikeable

Nanee's Review:

Wow..I thought this book was a total capture your attention kind of read, its intriguing and mysterious and full of surprises. I love a story that the reader wonders who done it and what the heck is happening. Great read, plot very interesting and I enjoyed the descriptions and the characters. Hermione is a brand new PI she's out to solve her first case and prove her self. I enjoyed her character, very smart and no nonsense. I thought the secondary characters very interesting and different. Some funny in this story and a lot of serious. The story kept me flipping the pages, very much into it. I don't want to ruin anything but you will find this story very mysterious and intriguing. Very well written. Great read. 4-4.5 stars 

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