Monday, October 13, 2014

Nanee's Review of Kiss the Dragon (Maidens book One) by Michelle Fox


USA Today Bestseller from the Highland Shifters boxed set, now available as a stand alone title for the first time!

Would you trust a curse to save you?

Ever since Sara Clarke was hit by lightning and began to see the future, she's lived a life on the run. Always hiding. Always hunted. She dreams of a different fate, but knows her only constant is the danger that stalks her. A lot of people want to harness what Sara can do and they aren't above forcing her to do their bidding.

Dragon Alec MacTeine has been locked in his human form by a centuries old curse. If he doesn't find his maiden, he'll never stretch his wings again. A chance encounter, one fleeting kiss and he knows that Sara is his. Meeting his maiden is supposed to solve all his problems, but instead, it spawns new ones.

Sara is the key to Alec's freedom, but first he has to convince her that he can set her free too, both from the people that want to own her and from the voice that uses her as a conduit to the future. 

Stand alone romance. NO cliffhanger but there are continuing characters.

Nanee's Review:

I enjoyed this story. It was fast paced, sweet and sexy, fascinating and wow all in one. Sara has a voice inside her head that steers her away from danger (well mostly) and she has dangerous people and beings after her. Alec is a sexy as hell Dragon shifter, he's in the right place at the right time to rescue Sara, his Maiden. Love the brothers especially Niall, he's sweet, a talented cookie maker and sexy. Malcolm is the calm one, the one who can surround them in magic, the more magical one and sexy. Gavin is a pain in the't wait to he finds his Maiden and he's sexy too. Sexy as hell sex, crazy moments and love. Great story, I'm glad Sara found some happiness and isn't alone anymore...4-4.5 stars 

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